Anonymous said: There is a post going around tumblr stating that women have never been assaulted by trans women in women's restrooms. Could you please comment on this.

Whoever is saying this is being very dishonest. Males who are crossdressing prey on women in the bathroom all the damn time. And since the only difference between a crossdresser and a trans woman is a statement of self-identification, these sex criminals are all trans women.

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve been asking trans women to help police our own communities, to keep the sex criminals out. But most trans activists would rather defend the rapists, pedos, and perverts. So, let’s be real: when is 90% not substantially all?

Anonymous said: I've seen a trans woman say YOU'RE NOT FEMALE-SOCIALIZED IF YOU TAKE UP 5 POSTS TO REITERATE YOUR POINT OR ARGUE WITH ME OR REFUTE THIS POINT as if she's the expert on female socialization, but like... is a female who dares speak up or make a point suddenly not a female? Is she less of a female? I dunno about you, but that sounds like very male thought to me. That same trans woman claims female socialization, yet rants a lot and makes long-ass posts, so by her logic she's not female-socialized.

A lot of trans women seem to be attracted to “rationalist” thought, except they have no understanding of social dynamics and no ability to self-reflexively observe their own behavior. So, they end up spouting off completely irrational bs like that. It is endlessly frustrating, and believe me, I’m sorry!


Several people have messaged me on tumblr recently, to check in and see if I’m ok, since I haven’t been posting. In fact, I am doing great! A lot of good things have been happening in my life, outside of activism and the internet, which are keeping me really busy.

I also think I have hit the wall for dealing with this endless circle of “penis is female” bs. I know tumblr is a really important place to engage, but I’m also not Sisyphus, or a troll. So, I’m trying to be more careful in choosing battles.

I have a very large backlog of asks, including a few that are really heart-felt and special. I will try to start getting to them again. If I don’t respond to your anon ask, please don’t take it personally. But if you have a personal question which you would like answered privately, please feel free to message me off anon.

As always, thanks everyone for reading.

Anonymous said: hi snowflake, is it wrong that, as a cis woman, i really don't like trans women reclaiming the word c*nt?



I’m gonna spell this out: if you’re trying to be “trans inclusive” when describing your sexual orientation and you reduce people to their genitals by saying stuff like “I’m attracted to people with vulvas”, you’re being transphobic, objectifying, fetishizing, and disgusting. (And transmisogynist specifically, because oh hey, there’s a fair number of trans women who consider their built-in genitals to be pussies, cunts, vulvas, clits, etc, but that’s obviously not what’s meant by people who say crap like this)

Why is this objectifying, fetishizing, and disgusting? (If I have to explain to you further why it’s transphobic, just unfollow me right now and do us both a favor) It’s objectifying, fetishizing, and disgusting to talk about people like this because there are people with that genital shape who don’t even want their genitals called “vulvas,” much less touched or looked at or fantasized about in any way typically associated with “vulvas”. There are people with that genital shape who are vehemently cock-identified, who have sex exclusively via penetration of others, and who want genital surgery. The way a person fucks or wants sex may have nothing whatsoever to do with (grossly cissexist) notions of how genitals work and what they should be labeled. 

It’s fetishizing to assume you know how someone with any particular genital shape or ASAB has sex. It’s objectifying to reduce someone’s identity to their genital shape. And fetishizing and objectifying others is a disgusting way to behave. 

Please do the world a favor and grow the fuck up.

When trans women refer to their penises as “big clits” it’s beyond offensive to females who were actually born with big clits, some of whom had their clits removed/surgivally altered non-consensually as infants in order to “fix” them. Under patriarchy, being born female with a big clit is a huge and potentially dangerous social liability.

In contrast, under patriarchy being born with a penis is a huge social head start. All trans women were born with penises, and raised as little boys. That means that on average, trans women were raised with male privilege. We were certainly not raised as females, and subject to the medical abuse and ignorance that actual females with actual big clits were. So please think before you spout this ignorant, female-hating bullshit.

I agree with you that we probably shouldn’t be making assumptions about how trans and gq people like to have sex based on the shape of their genitals. But let’s be real: a person’s internal feelings about their genitals don’t change reality. Did it make it “not rape” when Dana McCallum raped their ex-wife, because Dana thought of their penis as a vagina? Seriously, how do you think Dana’s ex would feel about that argument? Fuck no! 

Women have an absolute, 100%, unequivocal right to say "No thanks" to a trans woman’s penis. No woman is under any obligation to give a trans woman a blow job! Or muff the trans woman, or whatever the fuck they’re into. And don’t bother to retort “That’s not what I personally am into sexually”, or “that’s not what I mean.” You argument is clearly that women who won’t have sex with trans women and their penises are transphobic. So let me say this as plainly as possible: Males shaming women into having sex with them is the DEFINITION of rape culture. It doesn’t matter if the male is a trans woman, and it doesn’t make it ok if it’s a fab person making this argument.

I know that being trans and experiencing sex dysphoria can put us into a lot of pain. But please try to think more carefully about the impact of your words.

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Men make up 70% of all Twitter staff, another example of Silicon Valley’s gender gap.

For everyone still confused about what the “Internet Economy” means for women. (Hint: more of the same.)

Also: these stats aren’t even meaningful, since the jobs women do in these organizations are by and large limited to admin, support, and “work mom” - literally, the woman who makes snacks for the 20-something dudes so that they stay at work late and keep obsessively programming. Without the work moms, the dudes would just stay at home playing video games with each other.

Seriously! Next time you hear some asshole talking about “internet freedom”, just think about the woman who literally made a 21-year-old brogrammer shithead a sandwich. And then think about all the “Go make me a sandwich” jokes on the social networks the brogrammer worked on.

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flannelvandal replied to your link “Fallon Fox: Why Hormones Don’t Make a Woman”

I think it might be also important to note how much female socialization discourages the development of strong muscles. Further putting anyone raised as a girl at a disadvantage in sport.

Agree! There is a huge social stigma against women weight-lifting. And I think another factor particularly pertinent to combat sports is that males are groomed to have no empathy, whereas women are groomed to be empathetic even when it’s not in their own interest. I am completely certain that is also a factor in Boyd “Fallon Fox” Burton’s so-called success.

But cultural differences aside, the intrinsic physical difference in chest/arm/upper body strength between males and females is huge. This is not like the “math gap” which has been shown to be completely cultural - it’s just sex. Look at the statistics from the USA Powerlifting 2014 Bench Press National Championship - a single woman bench-pressed 359 pounds (fucking kudos to her, I’m struggling to break 90!); the majority of men in the competition benched over 400, and average weight in the men’s category was 410! The top men’s press was over 800!

So, as much as there’s a cultural component which aims to keep women weak and powerless, there’s a very significant physical difference in upper body strength between men and women, which exists completely outside of culture. (Men outperform women in squat and deadlift too, matched for body weight - but by a factor of 1.5, not 2-3-4).

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