The concept of ‘cis’ privilege falsely situates gender-conforming men and women as equals, relative to self-identified trans people. This is problematic for radical feminists because trans politics prioritises the oppression of gender non-conformity through trans as the primary source of gender oppression. Conversely, feminists prioritise women’s oppression as the primary axis of gender-based oppression (ie. gay men being in danger because they could be perceived as women-like). Certainly, gender non-conformity is dangerous for everyone—trans identified or not (ie. butch lesbians). But gender-conformity is dangerous to women in ways that it is not dangerous to men, according to the radical feminists: women are targeted as women regardless of whether they gender conform or not while men are never targeted as men. Men are only targeted when they are gender non-conforming.

Julian Vigo, Gaslighting in the Age of ‘Misgendering’

Such a beautiful, lucid, and concise refutation of cis privilege. Love it!


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