I sat on this screen cap for a while, because posting it right after Donna Ostrowsky committed suicide seemed really shitty. Obviously when something like that happens, the people involved are going to be really upset. Moreover, the intent of my blog is definitely not “horizontal hostility”, ie trans-on-trans hostility. (Though, T-on-T hostility could only be horizontal if all trans occupied a similar social position, which we obviously do not, since trans is not a recognizable social class.)

Anyway, this screen cap is something Imogen posted on facebook after JD Samson was booted as a dj at the Hey Queen dance party in Brooklyn, because JD is “transphobic” for performing at MWMF.

Hint: this isn’t activism. It’s more like a temper tantrum. Why on earth would JD respond? JD has a lot to say, obviously, because she understands the situation is complicated. On the other hand, the situation is dead simple for Imogen, and furthermore she has no interest in discussing it.

Drive-by activism that refuses to discuss issues is bullshit. I get it that Imogen is charismatic and has perfected the art of acting famous while maintaining that fame is something to be disparaged, but honestly how has she become a political figure in the trans community?

There is no analysis here. Which means, when she attacks female-only space, the end result is misogyny. It doesn’t matter if she clothes her attack in the language of social justice.

Can we please have a letter-writing campaign to call her out in MRR as a (perhaps unintentional) sexist? If you attend a Q&A on her next book tour, can you try to ask her about this? Could you try to send her an email about this? Thanks.


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